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Across the shimmering water from the eastern coast of mainland Greece, lie the Sporades, Skiathos, Alonnisos, Skopelos and Skyros. These scattered small islands with lush vegetation are considered the ornament of the central Aegean. All four islands have a magic of their own which is truly varied, not just rock-ribbed coasts and ribbons of golden sands, but pine-perfumed air and incredible sunsets. The local food and especially seafood is remarkable and the traditional tavernas on some waterfront w ill delight you. For fun after sunset the entertainment scene is informal yet lively. Once on Sporades don not forget to ask you captain to suggest you the most suspected grottos and fishing spots teeming with fish.

Sailing towards the Sporades onboard your yacht anchor at Skiathos, the cosmopolitan island of the area. It is green and idyllic with some 70 sandy inlets several bays and three harbours. Around the island there are no less than 9 smaller islands. Two of these called Tsougries, lie across the main harbour offering safe anchorage to bats, with a small marina for yachts. The nights in Skiathos are especially lively. After a day by the sea, visitors gravitate to one of the tavernas, cosy bars of discotheques. Skopelos just like Skiathos has beautiful beaches, modern hotels, quiet tavernas, shops with traditional items, as ell as all sorts of fashionable products in order to fulfil tourists needs. The beauty of this island is apparent even as one approaches by boat. Alonissos is a smaller and less developed island which managed to maintain the local character of the Sporades.
This is easily identified in the quiet uphill cobbled roads of the old women, the every day habits of the local fishermen. Alonissos is ideal for family vacations and for people who don’t prefer the packed beaches of the Aegean. Situated east of Evvoia is the most remote island of the Sporades cluster, the largest and yet the one with the least development in tourist terms, Skyros. It is famous for its folklore art, that is pottery and woodcut furniture, which have the quality of preserving their original condition despite the passage of time.


Itinerary I

Agios Konstantinos - Trikeri [27 miles] Day 1
Trikeri - Skiathos [22 miles] Day 2
Skiathos - Skopelos [16 miles] Day 3
Skopelos - Alonissos [6 miles] Day 4
Alonissos - Peristera [11 miles] Day 5
Peristera - Skiros [41 miles] Day 6
Skiros - Karystos [60 miles] Day 7
Karystos - Sounion - Athens [50 miles] Day 8

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