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The twelve islands according to their Greek name are located near the Turkish coast


 The Dodecannese consists of more than 1000 islands and islets which are situated along the Asia Minor coastline. Viewing there from above, they look like dark dots scattered in the sea.
Nowadays, only 26 islands are inhabited. These islands offer a variety of both natural and tourist atmosphere, which guarantee unforgettable wandering.

The biggest island of the cluster is Rhodes with the most remarkable tourists development. During antiquity, the statue of Kolossos , dominated the port of the island. It was considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The contemporary city can be seen as an endless Venetian monument, since there are numerous medieval castles and palaces. Kos, the birthplace of Hypocrates, father of medicine, is situated  a few miles north of Rhodes. Kalymnos on the other hand, is a small island with quiet beaches, renowned for its sponge divers who for centuries navigate all around the Mediterranean. Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodekanese chain. It lies between Rhodes and Crete and it is a rather rectangle in shape.Patmos is a completely different island where John the Evangelist landed centuries ago in order to write the prophetic Apocalypses. There are smaller islands such as Kastellorizo, Kassos, Telos, Nissyros and Halki, where the local colour of the Dodekanese is still maintained untouched by the influences of the contemporary invaders. This cluster of islands being scattered so near the Turkish coast offers you the opportunity to visit some very charming places of Turkey including the popular Kusadasi and Didyma and the ancient city of Knidos.

Itinerary I

Samos -Kusadasi [19 miles] Day 1
Kusadasi -Patmos [45 miles] Day 2
Patmos .Leros [20 miles] Day 3
Leros -Kalymnos [18 miles] Day 4
Kalymnos -Kos [16 miles] Day 5
Kos -Nissiros [23 miles] Day 6
Nissiros -Simi [ 35 miles ] Day 7
Simi -Rhodes [24 miles] Day 8

Itinerary II

Kusadasi - Samos [19 miles] Day 1
Samos - Ikaria [20 miles] Day 2
Ikaria -Fourni [10 miles] Day 3
Fourni - Patmos [20 miles] Day 4
Patmos - Leros [20 miles] Day 5
Leros - Kalymnos [18 miles] Day 6
Kalymnos - Kos [16 miles] Day 7
Kos - Nissiros [23 miles] Day 8
Nissiros - Tilos [15 miles] Day 9
Tilos - Simi [35 miles] Day 10
Simi - Rhodes [24 miles] Day 11

view a map of Dodekanese here


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